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Cloud for Digital Transformation

Cloud for Digital Transformation

Mobility, analytics, cognitive, and the internet-of-things. These are the technologies and practices which underpin digital transformation.

No organization can exploit these without making cloud the foundation. Technology Development Group’s Cloud delivers a rigorous and comprehensive suite of orchestrated cloud services. Technology Development Group ensures the agility, scalability and security required by any organization committed to digital transformation.

Reduce operational expense

You can optimize the OPEX-provisioned Cloud Managed Services for TDG shared infrastructure to reduce your capital expenditure, while providing an up-to-date environment.

Resolve your skills gap

You can rely on TDG resources to manage your infrastructure. This solution also helps resolve your infrastructure skills gap and provides the ability to refocus skills on application modernization.

Secure your business

You can secure your business with the high-availability option to provide an environment with a less than two-hour recovery point objective, mitigating the impact of prolonged interruption.


  • Provides the agility for IT needs to support business growth
  • Leverages TDG experts with virtually unmatched skills
  • Helps reduce IT expenditures by using an OPEX-based model
  • Optimizes the TDG Cloud Managed Services cloud framework

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