This year’s TDG

This year’s TDG TDG has always believed in the fundamental promise of technology — that when we apply innovation to real-world problems, we drive progress, for both business and society. And as the nature of those problems has changed over time, so too has TDG, repeatedly reinventing itself to overcome whatever obstacles stand in the [...]

Technology Trends as We Enter 2022

Last day,  I dreamt of all of the computers, phones at the desks, and even desks has disappeared while I was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital. With 5G-connected AR (Augmented Reality) glasses the personals have, all the registrations procedures, receiving the analysis results, communicating without requiring a phone, even ordering Turkish coffee [...]

How AI Will Change the Software Development Processes?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in software development take various forms. With artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, we can now give programmers the potential to do things faster, smarter, more effectively, and more intuitively. Artificial Intelligence technology is redefining how developers work, already driving big gains in productivity, quality, and speed. AI algorithms can [...]

TDG is actively responding to Log4j vulnerability.

TDG’s top priority remains the security of our clients and products. TDG is actively responding to the reported remote code execution vulnerability in the Log4j. We are investigating and taking action for TDG as an enterprise, TDG products and TDG services that may be potentially impacted, and will continually publish information to help customers detect, [...]

TDG Tech Dialogues | Coder in Action First Place Winner “Zelzele 1.0”

In the third episode of our TDG Tech Dialogues podcast, we hosted the first-place winner team of our Coder in Action Digital Competition. You produced a sound transmission device to reduce the effects of the earthquake. How this device works, and how will it be useful? This device starts working by examining the ground movements […]

Image by Tara Winstead

Adverse Uses of AI

AI is incredibly powerful, and most users of AI are making people, companies, countries, society better off, but along with the good, there will inevitably be negative consequences. The sooner we begin to think about what those might be, the better equipped we will be to mitigate and manage the dangers. AI technology has been used to create [...]


I intend to talk about "Metaverse" that we will hear a lot about it soon.  Most of you have watched Avatar and Matrix movies. We were very impressed by their montage, scenario, video quality, dynamism, besides; what they thought about the future of humanity.  Also, let me give you the great news that Matrix 4 [...]

Has Digitalization Made Talent Hunting Difficult?

We always come across that in the media as news, interviews, or social media posts. We read research results on the subject and, articles written by experts are published. Companies have struggled to find talented people in recent years and therefore see their development and sustainability at stake. Honestly, it doesn't sound convincing to me [...]

R&D Team

Meet our TDGers from R&D team. We asked them how it is like to work at Teknokent and how they having fun in their spare time. "Working with teammates encourages people to work more, even though we work on different projects. We spend our breaks together with our teammates. When we go out to take [...]

Coder in Action 2021 | First Place Winner “Zelzele1.0”

Sep 14th, 2021 - Written by Idris Ibrahim Erten I would like to introduce our project called "Post-earthquake audio transmission system ZelZele v1.0". It has been developed to minimize the damage of earthquake disasters that have been occurred in recent years, which have previously caused severe losses in the Elazig, Malatya, and Aegean Sea regions. [...]

TDG Tech Dialogues | Blockchain Technology with Ozgur Akbulut

In the second episode of our TDG Tech Dialogues podcast, we hosted Özgür Akbulut, who works as a Solution Architect at TDG Global. We had a conversation about the history of Blockchain technology, its effects on the industry, and its future. Could you tell us about your career? For nearly two decades, I have been […]

“Quo Vadis” Banking?

Nobel Prize-winning author Henryk Sienkiewicz's brilliant novel "Quo Vadis" is Latin for "Where are you going" that offers a cross-section from the Roman Emperor Nero's time, has an exciting story. Legend has it that Emperor Nero was impressed by the part of a book about Troy where the city burned down. He wanted to experience [...]

2021 Technology and M&A Trends with Bulent Hasanefendioglu

We had a conversation about technology and technology companies with Mr. Hasanefendioğlu. He has more than 30 years of expertise in finance, internal audit, consultancy and is also the Head of the Consultancy Department at TDG Global. What have you been doing lately? Recently, the epidemic has come to the fore, so we take care […]

Technology Is Not Enough In The New Order!

In the new business order that we have entered with the epidemic, companies - benefiting greatly from the blessings of technology - are trying to establish a working system in a hybrid structure. In this order, it is aimed to adapt to the new conditions by establishing an optimal office-remote work balance and continuing the [...]

Ways to Cope with Work Stress

Stress is one of the most critical factors affecting the physical and mental balance of people. Today, most of our ailments are caused by stress. One of the places where we experience the most stress are the workplaces. With the increase of work stress, people experience increases in psychosomatic symptoms such as fatigue, nervousness, headaches, [...]

What “CO2 free since born” Initiative Means

What "CO2 free since born" Initiative means … When we were founding TDG, one of the most discussed topics was “healthy technological development”. We meant healthy development for humankind, the environment, society, and the world. From that date, TDG was managed with this principle, in every decision we made, we thought about the healthiness and [...]

When Is Digitalization Beneficial?

With the Coronavirus epidemic that entered our lives last year, developments in the digital world have accelerated as 5-10 years. Throughout the pandemic, companies with reliable and developed technological infrastructure are one step ahead in subjects such as; business continuity, service quality, production activities, innovation, and remote work. In this way, they created a competitive [...]

TDG Tech Dialogues | Iwrobotx

In the past weeks, we made the first broadcast of our podcast series called Technology Dialogues with TDG. Our first guest was Mustafa Erol, the founder of Iwrobotx and one of the partners of TDG. We talked about the future of software and industries, their effects on people, the environment, and the industry. Mustafa Erol […]

Is Your Company Sustainable Enough?

Today, we are experiencing the adverse effects of the climate crisis more than ever. Companies have an important role in increasing environmental awareness and reducing carbon emissions. It is very effective for the world that large companies tend to use environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources in all their processes. However, small changes in small [...]

How to Increase Performance in Home Office?

Many companies have started to work from home because of the pandemic. Which one is difficult, working from home or at the office? I would answer that ‘’working from home’’. From an objective point of view, working from home might seem more comfortable and easier. But it is not an efficient working model like in [...]

Resistance to Digital Transformation!

The great majority of digital projects do not meet the expectations. That is because this arises from two main motivations. The first one is the wrong decisions that are made by the senior management as a result of incorrect evaluations during the decision process, and ineffective oversight activities during the implementation of projects. However, the [...]

How to Find a Job in the Middle of the Pandemic

Although the pandemic that has been going on since March 2020 has made our life and job search difficult, we still need to learn to cope with it and never stop looking for a job during the pandemic period. Related to that, I would like to mention briefly how to find a job in the [...]

Digital Hamburger Menu

Digital Hamburger Menu I sat in on a virtual organization of the Harvard Business Review magazine about digital things past day. In this period of the pandemic, the e-commerce sector has become one of the most outstanding business lines. And the guests were Trendyol, one of the leading companies in this sector, and Vivense, who put a [...]

HIPAA Compliant Cross Browser Testing

In the US, there are over 700,000 healthcare institutions, like hospitals, dentists and nursing homes. These institutions deal with compliance issues as often as they do patient care. Because of the sheer volume of users and opportunity, healthcare software and applications is a large but attractive niche for developers. But there are special considerations and [...]

BLOCKCHAIN: Is it the only solution for a transparent and reliable electoral system?

BLOCKCHAIN: Is it the only solution for a transparent and reliable electoral system? The fulfilment of the right to vote, “to elect” and “to be elected” is the only indispensable element of democracies. Political science considers elections to be the only embodied method by which states, and governments can obtain authority and management rights with [...]

The power of carbon free companies…

The power of carbon free companies … After years of steps, 2021 will be the most important year for fighting back to climate change. The scientists tell us that we have a decade (almost 12 years) to reduce emissions or face the worst impacts of climate change in very near future. Many of those impacts [...]

What Did the Companies Do Different for the Success?

WHAT HAVE THE COMPANIES, WHICH ARE AFFECTED NEGATIVELY DURING THE COVID 19, DONE DISTINCLY FOR THEIR SUCCESS? Most companies have been struggled to survive along with the COVID 19. So, they focused on how they could survive. But this crisis was a little bit different from the others. It was like a two-headed monster! One [...]

SMEs, hear the bells in the Fog

The COVID 19, spreading worldwide, harms the human health and brings the economic life to standstill. Personal health is not personal anymore. It restricts the workforce resources of companies, causes losses of important employee. And also the global economic crisis caused by the epidemic becomes dull the business life and a nightmare for many sectors. [...]

What If Leaders and Employees See the Things Different

If the strategic goals are prepared and carried out afterwards by the senior management, mid-level managers and employees of the company, regardless of how the doings seem to be by them, they can never be reached. Strategic decisions are the end of a process, consequently, the decision process should be managed very well. Let's take [...]

Continuity and Change – Tension Line of Managers

For some companies, success has become an element of stability. These companies take the principle ‘’conserve the essence and do not pass the innovation'' as the baseline. Indeed, these two points nearly offer a magical composition of formula for sustainable success... While protecting the essence, regardless of a company, a state, a society, a family [...]

Coder in Action 2020 WINNER, 65+ Robot – Cloud-based Solution and Robot Assistant

Why do we need this cloud Software solution and robot assistant ? People cannot adapt to the rapid changes in technology.  Using new technological products turn into a torment for people who are in the elderly class. Speech recognition, the ability of devices to respond to spoken commands. Speech recognition enables hands-free control of various [...]

Paldemic – Why did we involve in “CODER IN ACTION 2020”?

Why did we involve in “CODER IN ACTION 2020”? As being biomedical and electrical engineering students and living in Covid19 lockdown period, we aimed to develop a solution for personal needs and problems of society in everyday life, especially in pandemic times. One third of the world population has psychological and mental problems and it [...]

My Quarantine

As someone who grew up in a society that is not used to living with the rules, I observed people always tend to forget too much. In 2020, most of us met the concept of quarantine for the first time. Have to wait 2 weeks to see the effects of Corona virus and this showed [...]

The Secrets of Digital Transformation

''Tell me if anything was ever done... Tell me... Tell me. Tell me if ever I did a thing. … Tell me if anything was ever made.'' Leonardo Da Vinci In the recent years, the largest share in the technological infrastructure projects of companies belongs to investments to digitalization. However, the success rate of the [...]

How to deal with bias in AI

Bias is an inevitable feature of life. But social bias can be projected and amplified in dangerous ways by artificial intelligence, whether it is deciding who gets a bank loan or who should be watched over. When I read the article about "Artificial Intelligence's Bias" in New York Times magazine, I would like to share [...]

The Trap: ”Business Is Going Well”

Let's imagine a company like this; That is one of the three companies, which are industry leading in total sales, Whose stocks and purchase costs are under the control, Its efficiency during production is satisfying, That fulfils profitability goals, Where the job applications increase consistently, Its technological infrastructure is sufficient, That places in the tax [...]

Has Generation Z mutated?

My awareness radar and the topics I have been following carefully in recent years are Neuroplasticity (brain self-renewal ability) and cell renewal. Indeed, we miraculously transform our brains and cells in the areas we focus on and develop ourselves. We reprogram our brain and cells with learning, nutrition, spiritual and mental development, our instant psychological [...]

The New Normal, Two Great Opportunities: The Stage Is Back for Leaders

In our article on the days when the coronavirus started to have devastating financial effects in the economy, we wrote “Now it's time for leadership”. The times when companies do not feel the need for their leaders - even if there is a wrong opinion - are the times when things are 'running well'. In [...]

Prof. Aykut Üren Dialogue Scripts

The script of Prof. Aykut Üren's Dialogue Interview. Istanbul, 02 June 2020 TDG, a global leader in digital transformation, released “Dialogue Sessions” for society to accelerate digital business competitiveness. Dialogue Sessions are aligned with the TDG’s vision statement and the latest Dialogue was done by Didem Saraç with Prof. Aykut Üren on 6th of May 2020. You can watch [...]

Exit strategy from crisis

The COVID 19 outbreak that first appeared in China in December 2019 has both psychological, vital and negative economic effects on human health worldwide. Of course, we can say that we have seen the peak of the first effects of the epidemic without ignoring the possibilities of the second and third wave. When we take [...]

Industry 4.0, as we call…

There is a discourse that we have started to hear for several years, “Industry 4.0 / E4.0”; Do not miss the train, this is the last chance, we should definitely put it into operation as the country and institutions, otherwise it will be like this. It is stated that due to the progress of developed [...]

Blockchain is required or must

Blockchain: The only “Dependable” technology of digital world Particularly in last 15 years, forgery and fraud have become not only a progressive phenomenon in all areas all over the world by means of developing technology, but also a field of occupation. The only lack of it is that it is not taught in academic level! [...]

Top Emerging Technologies of 2020

World-Changing Technologies Thinking to Evaluate the Status Quo One day, a new technology highlighted in this article will make you virtually teleport to a remote site and actually feel the handshake and hugs of other cyber travelers. It's also close to being ordinary: humanoid (and animaloid) robots designed to socialize with people; a system that [...]

DNA Data Storage

Life's Information Storage System is being adapted to Handle Massive Amounts of Information Every minute in 2018, Google conducted 3.88 million searches, and people watched 4.33 million videos on YouTube, sent 159,362,760 e-mails, tweeted 473,000 times and posted 49,000 photos on Instagram, according to software company Doma. By 2020 an estimated 1.7 megabytes of data [...]

Collaborative Telepresence

Participants in virtual gatherings will feel like they are physicaly together Imagine a group of people in different parts of the world smoothly interacting as if they were physically together, down to being able to feel one another's touch. The components that will enable such "collaborative telepresence" could transform how we work and play together, [...]

Social Robots

Droid friends and assistants are penetrating deeper into our lives In industry and medicine, robots routinely build, break down and inspect things; they also assist in surgery and dispense prescription drugs in pharmacies. Neither they nor "social" robots-which are designed to engage with people and to elicit an emotional connection-behave like The Jetsons' maid, Rosie, [...]

Bio-Plastics For A Circular Economy

Advanced Solvents and Enzymes are transforming woody wastes into better biodegradable plastics Our civilization is built on plastics. In 2014 alone, industry generated 311 million metric tons, an amount expected to triple by 2050, according to the World Economic Forum. Yet less than 15 percent of it gets recycled. Much of the rest is incinerated, [...]

8 Tools To Load Test Your Website

Testing, testing, and more testing. Developers want to know their product will work well and be able to handle the heavy traffic of a successful launch. At the very least, you need this info by the time your project is ready to go live. This makes for a long process of testing your site. Before completion, websites [...]

DNA Sequencing

DNA sequencing is a laboratory technique, that aims to indicate the order of the nitrogenous bases (adenine, guanine, cytosine, thymine) that makes up the unique DNA makeup. Clinicians use the sequenced DNA to inspect if any region in the genome that regulates gene has any changes or mutations that could lead to diseases. How DNA [...]

Another Reason to push for Female Directors

Diversity is an important strategy of TDG. Below you can see one more resarch note why we are insisting on female employee existence and female directors existence on our company. Good reading... Research has shown that female board representation leads to better acquisition and investment decisions and less-aggressive risk-taking. A new study suggests an underlying [...]

How to Keep Performance Rankings from Killing Cooperation

The common practice of ranking employees against one another comes with a downside: People may be less inclined to cooperate with their coworkers for fear of losing ground themselves. Think of a sales team that benefits from sharing leads but whose members are rated and compensated according ta individual productivity. A new study documents this [...]

How Many Temp Workers are too Many in Retail?

Staffing agencies have long touted the benefits of hiring workers temporarily, for specified periods of time. This gives companies the flexibility to respond to changing market conditions while avoiding the cost of excess employees. Because temp workers' end dates can be planned well in advance, their departures should cause minimal disruption, the thinking goes. But [...]

Steps to be taken in Digitalization (in the COVID-19 Age) – 2

In the new age that comes with Covid 19, now we have one constant instrument: Sustainability Based Change. That this instrument can be put to use effectively and efficiently in business life depends on the company that is with digital and corporate intelligence. In our previous article, we've picked up on this matter. Now let's [...]

Steps to be taken in Digitalization (in the COVID-19 Age) – 1

Concerning the first step, our suggestion is about the new realities, which the virus epidemic has exacted to workers in the crisis. The problems that are experienced in the following issues should be solved quickly and safely: Unable to take advantage of benefit of human resources and used technology sufficiently, being unable to do business [...]

How is Genetic Analysis done?

The human body is composed of billions of cells, each containing deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which encodes the basic instructions for cellular function. The complete set of an organism's DNA is called its genome. The human genome is organized into 23 pairs of chromosomes which are further divided into over 30,000 smaller regions called genes. Each [...]

The Case for the Lone Inventor

I always underline teaming, collaboration, cooperation in our organization, in our customers. When I saw the below article I would like to share with you. A large body of research has concluded that breakthrough innovation is more commonly achieved by teams than by individuals; indeed, some observers have proclaimed the lone inventor to be a [...]

Corona Days Tips to Work Efficiently

A few tips for those who need to work at home and want to work efficiently during Corona days. Eat healthy Try to eat foods during the season. Sleep regularly to strengthen your immune system. Eat dark green vegetables, shell foods, milk and dairy products that support your melatonin level. Exercise daily If it is [...]

Urgent Action Plan in Economic Crisis

In my previous article titled ''Check-Up Time for Corporates'', we touched on the result of the search on companies that endure in economic crisis and after than show success. We offered TDG-Check-Up to companies as the beginning of the ''preparation'' process that is a key word in the period of crisis. Based on the check-up results, [...]

Changing Paradigms in Procurement

Covid-19 pandemic effects whole World in our lives and business as well. Many workers began to work home office, if possible, workers in manufacturing and production need to work in their factories and offices. In these days, lead times and stock levels are having more importance than other factors. Firms need to review their lead [...]

Check-Up Time for Corporates

The top managements that have a passion for sustainable success can set to work by checking up (Their Current Situation Analysis) in their business. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread like blue murder nowadays and four month ago, such a pandemic of virus was not expected. However, by reason of that the financial outcomes of [...]

Want to have platform business?

By harnessing the insights hidden in your data, you can give your customers the products and services they truly want. Before the turn of the twenty-first century, the really successful businesses on the planet were true specialists. Whether they were in finance, automotive, retail or energy, most major firms succeeded by producing a handful of [...]

Automotive & Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Effects on Automotive Industry It is a still unclear factor that how long coronavirus continue to disrupt daily life and economic activities. Automotive industry actors are watching with high anxiety level the developments of recent outbreak. It appears that the biggest problem is not whether producing the cars but selling them. There is [...]

Coronavirus fears being exploited for phishing attacks

Cybercriminals are using concerns about the coronavirus to launch phishing attacks While COVID-19, or the novel coronavirus, is capturing attention around the world, cybercriminals are capitalizing on the public’s desire to learn more about the outbreak. There are reports of phishing scams that attempt to steal personal information or to infect your devices with malware, [...]

The Effects of Corona Virus on Business Life

All of us have already memorized that corona virus firstly appeared in China and then month by month affecting the global economy. Really it is disrupting every major business areas from food industry to tourism, transportation to automotive, electronics to technology industries. It will have much more impact on global business environment than Ebola and [...]

Bimodal Procurement

In the rapid changing business environment, procurement functions, like IT and other business support functions, needs to fasten their processes effective and efficient to stay align with the firms’ strategic objectives or time to market reasons. While some types of purchases are very complex and high cost (strategic), some of them are easy and low [...]

Employee of the Month

Developing new talent is our future, but for all. When I read the article by Greg Williams, I'd like to share my idea about Automation that I've been involved hundreds of projects in my professional life. And I’d like to find a solution for social effect of Automation and Robotics. Automation-based job losses will be [...]

Efficient Digital Strategies

Once upon a time there was a business legend which was consisting of the boss (the board) was in charge of ‘what to do’ and the CEO ‘how to do’. Because of appearing a lot of very qualified and entrepreneur minded professionals in business life and also changing the paradigm by dynamic digital atmosphere, they [...]

Enhance language learning curve

Why do we have difficulty to speak a foreign language? It's happened to most of us. When we want to learn another language, in spite of whole preparation, effort and process, we fall down on it and leave learning undone, then we give up. Contrary to what is believed, learning a language is not very [...]

The best of TDG in 2019

Dear TDGers, Big deals, breakthroughs and a look at how you might get along in a world with TDG innovations. Explore our most memorable stories from 2019… We made our clients agile We opened new GDC (Global Delivery Center) We launched new AI Lab We released Ethical Guidelines of AI We trained our employees [...]

Technology is a Leadership Issue

Technology is not a technical issue...Technology is not a business issue...Technology is a leadership issue. The Board Members including the CEO has to be proactively concentrated on technological issues of the entity. It should be one of the vital priorities of the leadership in the company to follow and creating realistic decisions on technology issues [...]

TDG updated “Ethic Guidelines of AI” on Global Ethics Day

TDG updated “Ethic Guidelines of AI” on Global Ethics Day Istanbul, October 16, 2019 TDG, a global leader in digital transformation, updated “Ethic Guidelines of TDG’s AI Activities” for enterprises to accelerate their digital business competitiveness. TDG's Expert group presents today next steps for building trust in artificial intelligence by releasing updated "Ethics Guidelines of [...]

IT Professionals Need Finance Knowledge for Convincing the Board Members

IT Professionals Need Finance Knowledge for Convincing the Board Members Mr. J. Matthews’ who is working as a CIO Professional wrote an important article that was recently published on Forbes and the title was ‘how to talk to the board about cybersecurity’. His 4 main topics are: Lead with Resilience Get on the Same Page [...]
Perfect Innovation Team

How the Perfect Innovation Team Should Be?

Let’s continue to be inspired…Mayo Clinic Innovation Center tries to construct specific personality combinations while building innovation teams*. They think this combination increases efficiency. These 9 personality types tried to be included in these teams are as follows; 1- Foresighted - The force behind creating the world as it could and should be 2-Producer - [...]

How many people is too many people ?

When I read the articles by Eleanor Cummins in Popular Science, I wanted to share the article with my notes. Below is the summary of the thoughts about the “World Population Boom”, “Carbon Footprints”, “Fertility Rates” and “AI Triggers”. In 1798, English Clergyman Thomas Malthus published a slim but provocative volume titled An Essay on [...]

Cyber Threat Realities

The Cyber Threats Realities: How Much is Enough? The recent on Cost of a Data Breach Study managed by the Ponemon Institute has very interesting details. Let's take a glance at them... ❖ The easiest way to enter the IT system of an entity and control & steal the data for cyber attackers is still [...]

Write your symphony – Notes for CIO

The notes mentioned below are for all IT executives to maintain a reliable IT Governance in their entities. In my opinion, the first essential responsibility of a CIO is to prepare the entity for effective reaction processes against distruptive technological developments. This kind of efforts have three dimensions: 1. Strategic (paralel with digital sustainability) 2. [...]

Think like a designer

INNOVATION SERIES - THINK LIKE A DESIGNER TO CREATE NONEXISTENT FUTURE, YOU MUST REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT PEOPLE IS DOING TODAY AND YOU HAVE TO DREAM FROM SCRATCH. I continue to innovation topic with new article “innovate like a designer”. Designer dreams new solutions for the future and transforms the way you approach the world. You [...]


Which Questions should CEO ask to CIO on Efficient IT Governance Assurance? There is no leadership position has a greater impact on an organization’s success than the CEO of the business. The results of Kaggle research participated by over 7000 data analysts showed us ‘not receiving clear questions by top management to answer for establishing [...]

Home Office Tips to Work Efficiently

A few tips for those who need to work at home and want to work efficiently. Draw your limits. First, designate a corner at home as a workplace and work in that corner every day. Tell the people at home that this is your working corner, they should stay away from here, not to disturb [...]

Board Member’s Questions to CEO

Which Questions should Board Members ask to CEO on Efficient IT Governance Assurance? The Administration Board of an entity is responsible for taking necessary decisions to help CEO to drive the organization parallel with strategic plans & norms which have been decided before. The Boards’ tone at the top should be inspired by corporate governance [...]
7 tips for internet search

7 Tips for Innovative Internet Search

7 Tips for Innovative Internet Search What is the fastest way to find ideas, inspiration and innovation opportunities on the Internet? Stop searching and start using these 7 tips to find the most relevant sites for your discovery Offline preparation You should not start Google search directly.  It is a good idea to write your [...]

Popolo Grasso

Popolo Grasso High corporate agility level assures to notice the potential risks before appearing. Because it contains innovation strength which is consisting on collaboration. As we know each technological changing creating new and different human atmosphere. The starting and most vital point of the adaptation of the new technology is exactly first at the top […]

Useful Skills in Moving Ideas into Reality

Useful Skills in Moving Ideas into Reality Many innovators use the progressive innovation process. This option provides a detailed plan for configuring the innovation process. First it distinguishes between “fuzzy front-end” and “sticky back-end”. The lack of clarity at the beginning of the innovation process cause “fuzzy front-end” term. One survey reveals that only one […]

Interviews are turned to digital except handshake

Why does a company prefer to interview online? There are many reasons why companies prefer online video interviews. At first, being 'online' eliminates geographical limits. The company can meet with many candidates that live abroad and in the same town. It is not necessary to issue of travel documents for the interview. That brings down [...]

10 Elements of an Open Innovation Culture

Dear All, For growing organization, widely spread innovation culture is extremely important, in each stakeholder, employee, partner and manager has to think and act as an entrepreneur, and train themselves to see the real opportunities in each obstacle. When I read the book about innovation, I noticed the below list of an open innovation culture […]

New Trends in Resource Management

Digitalization Race of HR   An important consequence of improving employee experience by analyzing employee data is the digitization of the workplace itself. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tools such as Sorwe Business’s Assessment Pack product have upset recruitment practices by effectively reducing costs and winning more qualified candidates. “While many digital defeats disrupt business […]

Software Testing through Genetics

Genetics is a fantastic science, studies the properties of living beings and hereditary characters, connects these characters to generations with certain inheritance laws, and investigates genetic structures and tasks. Genetics (comes from genno which means giving birth in Greek), examines how all the features of the living thing is passed from old to new generations. […]

GDPR Risk Sources: Ransomware

WannaCry, WeCry, WanaCyrpt, WeCyrpt… You are an IT staff/manager and think about your prestige level inside your entity after appearing one of those ransomware attacks on the screen… Ransomware attacks are and surely will be the main cyber threat that can hardly be stopped. The entities desperately looking for new security tools to avoid. The […]

Setup A Selenium Grid In Less Than 1 Minute

You can watch the video of "Setup A Selenium Grid in Less Than 1 Minute" or you can read the script of the video below. Hello and welcome everybody to today’s webinar about how you can use browser BrowseEmAll in combination with Selenium Grid, or to be more precise, how you can run your Selenium [...]

Transform as much as you can manage

Our first target should increase the level of “quality of life” for all people in the world to minimum level so that we can talk about the transformation. Then; the conversion must first focus on achieving this balance. New age start-up’s, increasing level of technology, replacing manpower with robots, increasing productivity, extending life, getting prepared […]

Rebranding Your Success in Automotive Sector

We are in year 2018 and let’s think about a CEO for a moment who can not obtain all necessary data from Finance, Production, Sales&Marketing, HR, IT etc. departments. Also, let’s imagine about another CEO at the same company in 2022 (probably current CEO will be replaced with another one!) which couldn’t have enough results […]

Auditing IT Governance

Nowadays if one entity has desire to hold a reliable reputation at all over the governance habitat of the entity and also to measure the achievement level of the organization’s strategic objectives, top management of the entity is obliged to know efficiency, security and effectiveness levels of the implementation & practices of the designed IT […]

The Efficient IT Governance Framework

The IIA’s International Professional Practices Framework Glossary defined IT Governance as ‘consists of the leadership, organizational structures, and processes that ensure that the enterprise’s information technology supports the organization’s strategies and objectives’. The main subject of IT governance is IT assets. IT governance should depend on the regulations which are necessary and also have accordance […]

How Should Be the Digital Age Business Model?

In the first wave coming with the digital world, some traditional business lines provided profit and efficiency as a new marketing channel from established e-commerce platforms. This situation led to the complacency of the companies. Nowadays, some companies do not know that the active ones are digital platforms, not themselves. The digital channel now includes […]

Widen Your Comfort Zone with Integrations on IFTTT

Connecting the people and their devices around them is the old news now. Integration of the data from different sources is the next complexity, even before facing the processing of all data being transferred/transformed. Human-Computer Interaction  bases the foundation for our acknowledged necessities. A button to command for our digital sources, creating custom notification systems with their value-added […]

The Unknown Heroes of Innovation: Neurodiverse People

Neurodiverse People ​are people who have different structures and levels of neurological traits that negatively affect working standards and working with home learning skills. People with ​autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder are accepted in this context. It is estimated that one in every fifty people in the world has neurodiversity. We are not surprised [...]

Do we have to innovate?

Life is flowing, and the needs are certainly created. We don’t have to create needs, we don’t have to create opportunities, we don’t have to innovate new things … the life is “proactive innovator” by itself. Standard innovation expectation is that wait for a good idea to be presented. The technique is a suggestion box or an [...]

TDG Global’s Visit on Los Angeles, CA, September 18th ,2017

On September 18th and 19th, we – myself and Didem Sarac, Vice President of TDG- visited Los Angeles regions. After 13 hours of flight from Istanbul on September 17th, we arrived at the city of Los Angeles. Next day we started B2B meetings at the Sheraton Grand Hotel on September 18th. In this day, large number […]

TDG Global’s Visit on Las Vegas, NV, September 21th, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, city view Between September 21th and 22nd, we visited Las Vegas regions. 50 million tourists visit Las Vegas annually, I strongly suggest Turkish Airlines needs to schedule direct flight between Istanbul and Las Vegas. Las Vegas is always known as an entertainment center, but it is not known that States has tested [...]

Testing For And With Windows Phone

Although Windows Phone usage is still low compared with other browsers it’s sometimes necessary to test your web work for Internet Explorer Mobile. For web developers, this could be a complication. Testing for the Windows Phone environment is not always optional, but it can be a chore — especially because the version of Internet Explorer [...]