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If you are a Coder, use this event to contribute to the social good

Coder in Action

Solutions that solve human problems, Earthquake, Wildfire, Pandemic, Tsunami, Over-flood, Hurricane, Pollution…

Last year was one of the worst years on record for natural disasters— governments, straining relief organizations and overwhelming communities as they attempt to rebuild. In the wake of these global catastrophes, a new type of responder emerges: The coder.

Your work with TDG and entrepreneurial mindset has given you a deep understanding and holistic perspective on developing technological solutions that solve human problems. An avid participant, You use this event to experiment with new technologies and discover opportunities to contribute to the social good.

The subject of CiA 2021 is “Earthquake“.

If you or your team are Coder, want to contribute social goods, have an idea to manage Earthquake Process, have a project to support victims,  have an idea for testing of Earthquake, have a project to use of data on Earthquake etc.

You can apply for yourself or for your team. If you are eligible and approved by the CiA Board, you can join the competition.

And You will have a chance to get;

One-time gift

1st Place Winner Prize – 3.000 USD

2nd Place Winner Prize – 1.500 USD

3rd Place Winner Prize – 500 USD

Job opportunity

You will be evaluated by TDG HR for open positions  and  have a priority on assessment. If you are approved you will have new job in TDG…

Investment opportunity

You will have a chance to discuss your project with Pirtlat Board. If you will get the approval, you will be real Entrepreneur…

Join Us, Join Coder in Action for our world!

Digital Competition

Register today

May 1 – 31, 2021

Register for the Digital Competition Event that will help society accelerate recovery in Earthquake


2020’s subject was Pandemic. The application was closed. If you are selected for second phase you will get an e-mail from Please check your e-mail and spam (or junk) folder regularly.

You can follow the progress in 2020’s subject Pandemic  in “CiA2020” page.